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On the Consumption of Entertainment

We’ve all been there before. We’ve just finished the second book of a series of three, and the author left us on a cliffhanger: is the hero dead? Will the heroin save this person, or complete that task in time? We want to know - we must know. But the author hasn’t finished his next book, and it won’t be complete until some time next year.

OMG. I just want it right now.

For a long time I took for granted the creators of entertainment. It takes a lot of work to complete a project. Thousands of work-hours and years of filming and editing to produce a two hour movie that I can consume in a single sitting. Six months to write a novel; and six more to polish it and get it into a state worth publishing.

Restaurants serve as a good example. I give you money, you give me food. Someone else buys the constituent parts, preps the food, cooks the food, serves the food, and cleans up. All I had to do was sit and consume.

I suppose it’s a Human trait. I want this thing, now, and I don’t want to wait; nor do I want to take the time to cultivate the skills required to create.

In some ways it’s good. It’s created an entire industry for the satiation of entertainment, produced jobs and outlets for those creatives among us.

In some ways, maybe not so good. By consuming, what do I neglect? Myself? My relationships? Have I immersed myself so thoroughly that I can no longer interact with the real world, a world that, by comparison, lacks the kinds of entertainment that I’ve trained myself to enjoy?

God I hope not.