If cen wants to see into the heart of a Sentient culture, cen need look no farther than their entertainments. Veneration demonstrates society’s attentions… Any declining society will make their games the most important aspects of their lives - worse, they will make an entertainment of their politics.

- Teeateea, On the Degradation of Galactic Empires

Theirs is a warlike society, their lives consumed in all ways by the life-or-death struggle of their species. Every Sentient is involved somehow in the war effort. As such, Humanity engages in gladiatorial-like combat to sate their aggressive hunger.

The bouts can fall into one of several categories, each explicated below:

Combat to the Death

Combat to the death involves Human soldiers battling captured aliens who would be put to death anyway. Granrexen, colloquially known as “Grunts”, are most often the chosen sacrifices. Choxen too weak to kill themselves will often find their way into the fighting pits of the Republic of Humanity. Be they Choxen or Grunts, they are weakened and equipped with such poor weapons as to be completely ineffectual.


Duels can be fought as singles, teams, or any combination thereof. Battles are never intentionally to the death, indeed, it is extremely disadvantageous to their society for Republic members to kill one another, thus diminishing the available pool of warriors and destroying the species’s meager resources.

These duels can be fought in any number of ways, from unarmed, to dull-blades, to low-energy lasers. Races, vehicle combat, and squad-based battles are also common.

Rising through one of the many different styles of combat, or “brackets”, soldiers hope to earn respect among their peers and raise their respective ranks within the military. The larger and more popular of these brackets are televised throughout the Republic.

A note on equipment: Any equipment used is decommissioned and not deemed useful or safe for first or second-line combat. It is subject to failure, which adds to the audience’s excitement.

News and Media

All media within the Republic of Humanity are state sponsored and should thus carry with them the stigma and danger of all such government-run organizations; critiques are rare, and dissent is nonexistant. The governmental propaganda can be classified into two rough categories: Information, Documentaries, and Entertainment.

Informative Media

These programs consist mainly of news broadcasts. When possible, the news is recorded live from the front lines or taken from the cameras embedded into assault equipment. The visceral recordings add an element of sensationalism to any news of war and helps to desensitize the populace to the rigors and mental stress that accompanies constant warfare.


These are movies or short expose on important personages within the Republic. The Oniwabanshu tends to commission these types of media to garner support for political candidates that will help the regime maintain its power.

These documentaries have also been used to shift public opinion toward or away from specific topics. A recent series of documentaries focused on the sacrifices of the Variant Caste and how their sacrifices save the lives of True-Borns. The intent of the series seemed to try to shift sentiment from outright disgust and violence to hostile acceptance of their place within Human society and military.


All of the Republic’s entertainment media are thinly veiled propaganda pieces at their best; at their worst, they are more subtle and therefore more insidious. Well acted (within the Republic’s scope of acting), the creations of their Media subcaste entertain while also exhorting the unspoken rules, mores, and taboos of their society.

Current and past themes are as follows:

    • Feel Good

    • Military

    • Republic Virtues

    • The Value and Meaning of “Dreng”

    • Loyalty

    • Meritocratic Values

The Human government has made limited efforts to embrace galactic culture at large, despite its maturity and wealth of material as far as entertainment goes.