Republic of Humanity Political parties

Political System and Groups

Oniban ohh-nee-bahn, noun

Both a title and a position, the Oniban presides over and runs all facets of the Republic through the Oniwabanshu. While the position of Oniban is an elected one (at this point in history), there has only ever been a single candidate at each election. The Oniban’s direct control over the Media subcaste has obvious implications for propaganda and election campaigning.


Beirat buy-raht, noun

This is a body of politicians tasked with enacting laws within the Republic. At its creation, it served to assuage the fears of the Oniban’s dictatorial status. It wields limited power, though it provides its members with high status and dreng.

A party, rival to that of the Oniban, is currently growing. Through political wrangling and some luck, they were able to create a military force.


Quisling(s) kwiz-ling, noun

Nomadic groups of Natural Born Humans that exist in the spaces between the Choxen Principalities and the Republics’ boarders. Originally small bands of Human survivors left over from the first wave of Siloth invasions, they began attacking one another and trading the captives to the Choxen in exchange for supplies and continued freedom. The Choxen Princips use them as covert operatives in their wars against one another, with all the deniability that goes along with it.


Exilist(s) ex-zile-ist, noun

At this point in time, they are a sect within Humanity that venerates the First Exiles. It has not yet crossed the line into full-blown religion, with the stories and people seen only as (faultless) teachers. They take the concepts of dreng and jendr to the extreme, attempting to “live as the First Exiles lived.” They spurn the status items that are gaining so much ground.

It is mostly a familial philosophy, and Exilist settlements have sprung up all over the Republic both as a means to remove them and their antagonism from the cities and to find a place where they can live their principles. Mortality in Exilist settlements is high, as they willingly choose the most dangerous areas to live in order to be and live closer to how (they perceive) the First Exiles lived.


Ashi-Kage ah-shee-kah-gay, noun

The largest criminal element within the Republic. They are strongest where the Oniban’s control is weakest — at the war-torn borders and in the settlements. So far, they are content with controlling only the most illegal routes of trade, that is, from settlement to city and back, and trading with IGA smugglers.


The First Exiles

The small band of survivors from which the current Republic of Humanity was born. All information that is available has been passed orally through time and as such is prone to extrapolation. Much of what is believed about the First Exiles (despite their near veneration) are folklores and fairy tales.