Siloth Empire

Siloth scy-loth

The ruling race of the rival faction that wars with the IGA. In broad terms, both the Siloth and the IGA have similar goals of expansion and economic domination of the galaxy. The difference lies in methodology. The Siloth seek control through total domination; instead of Inducting a Sentient or semi-Sentient species, they genetically modify them for their purposes. Once finished, there is little that remains of the original, modified species.

Siloth social structure is divided into three separate castes: Warrior, Thinker, and Breeder.

The Siloths’ unique adaptation capabilities make it difficult to change from caste to caste. Siloth physiology is such that they are hyperadaptive, meaning that as one spends time thinking, or enduring the rigors of combat, or being bred, It will exponentially adapt to perform those same things better the next time.

The species is hermaphroditic, with the male or female sides expressing themselves the more they are used.

A high-status individual is one who has been in each of the different castes.

Granrexen gran-rex-en

aka Grunt(s)

The melee combatants of the Siloth army. They are cheap to produce and house and are mindless killing machines. Their chitinous armor is continuously tweaked to provide the best protection against IGA projectiles.

Choxen cho-shen

A newer creation of the Siloth Thinkers, the Choxen are Human clones, albeit ones that have been modified to fit their makers’ images. Unlike most of the Siloth’s subjects, the Choxen have not been modified into specific tools like the Grunts; they have instead been allowed to retain many of their Human attributes as far as creativity and adaptation in combat situations are concerned.

Choxen consist of a single sex, and their culture has no gender pronouns.

Princip(s) prin-sip, noun

The Choxen leader of a Principality. This individual has acquired power through successful Subjugation Rituals and has proved Itself in all facets of running military operations.

Rival Princips war with each other as much as with the Republic, though as the noose tightens about them, they are more likely to work with each other against the common enemy.

Principality prin-si-pal-i-ty, noun

The area of land (including bases, defensive structures, and the resources therein) that a Princip controls. They can be small and fief-like or occupy an entire continent.

Subjugation Ritual noun

Central to the Choxen method of control. Hormones released during the act encourage the dominance of the one over the other. The ritual and hormonal release bind the two Choxen together in a leader/subordinate and dominant/submissive role. This, along with fear, are the main ways that order is maintained within the ranks.